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Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 00.06.49BODY SCRUBS 60 min / 80 eur

Coco Butter Scrub

This rich natural scrub was specially formulated to nourish and refresh very dry skin, so it is the perfect fit for the long winters of Finland. Dead skin cells are removed, pores shrink and the skin is moisturized. Your skin emerges newer and brighter from the fusion of soft-textured natural ingredients: Thai coconut, loofah, shea butter, jojoba seed oil and witch hazel.

Thai Breeze Refreshing Scrub

This refreshing body scrub uses nutrients extracted from fruits and aloe vera plants to repair damaged skin and protect it from the harsh environment. The clean, crisp fragrances of Thai herbs and peppermint essential oils will lift your mood and promote calm and relaxation.

Latte Pearl Scrub

Awaken your senses with this delightful scrub for normal skin. We use finely ground coffee to stimulate the skin’s blood flow and creamy yogurt to naturally hydrate the skin. Honey protects and nourishes your skin and helps it look and feel softer and smoother.


Secret Charm Facial

This facial treatment uses natural products and Thai herbs to tone and firm facial skin. The combination of Thanaka, honey and black sesame purifies, smoothes and moisturizes the skin. The treatment ends with a fresh cucumber mask followed by moisturizer for a more radiant complexion. This rids the skin of toxins and promotes relaxation and improved energy flow.

Thai Silk Facial

For problem skin due to pollution or stress. Using a special silk nest to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface while encouraging cell renewal, this facial cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates while a facial massage relaxes facial features and energizes the skin. Great for all skin types.