Dear customers,
We understand your concerns during these uncertain times and we want to assure you we take them very seriously.
Our spa is small but we never take more than two customers at a time. If there are two customers, they are separated by a wall and we make sure there’s safe distance.
We take all possible precautions to put your mind at ease, so you can enjoy your stay and completely relax.

Treat yourself to some quality alone time. We promise it will be worth it!

Authentic oriental spa in the coziest heart of Helsinki

Praan is an Indian word signifying “breath, or to take a breath”. This name encourages us to pay attention to the present, the nature, the true meaning of life and the art of living harmoniously together.

Our philosophy and culture are inspired by the Thai way of living, being at present, respect others and stay humble. This idea leads us to maintain the simplicity and life balance which is reflected in our simple setting and easy décor to create the friendliest and the most welcoming environment for all visitors to experience a selection of relaxing massage and spa treatments.

Our team


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Yim (Maree)

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We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and hygiene, and have all the extra PRE in place ensuring that your health and safety comes first!